From America to Australia our members extend to all corners of the World. All united under the banner of ZAP regardless of their origin.


In ZAP we just want to have fun, spend time with our friends and leave troubles behind for at least a short while.



Need help with a story quest, dungeon or PvP build? Got a stupid question? Just ask in Guild Chat, there are plenty nice and helpful people around.

Our Story

Twisted Inventors of Tyria are fresh and small family-based community of people with a healthy dose of crazy. We’re happy to welcome anyone with a good head on their shoulders and a functional brain inside it. Seasoned player, Guild Wars 1 veteran or total newbie – everyone will find a cosy home here.

Being a cross-server guild allows us to welcome people from all NA servers

When the barriers surrounding the worlds fell with the rise the Megaserver, we became a cross-server guild open to all players located on any NA server.

Our population is rather equally spread across all servers, although our main camps are located at Dragonbrand and Henge of Denravi where our WvW presence is the strongest.

For further details check this demographic segmentation graph of our members across the servers.

This graph is up to date:

24th January 2018



PvE is our life, PvE is our love. Dungeons, Fractals, World Bosses, Jumping Puzzles, Mapping,… PvE is undeniably the major part of our activities.

Parties for Dungeon/Fractal are being formed all day long, from experienced speed clears to teaching runs. You can always find someone to help you with PvE challenges.





Competitive PvP has a strong position in ZAP. You can find us doing Ranked PvP, Teaching new members or our doing our own 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 Tourneys in our custom arena.

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