Guild Bank text

Guild Stash

Free for everyone

If you need it, you can have it!

All members ranked A Little Raving and higher can withdrawn on their own.

Not Crazy Yet please request an item from an officer who will gladly give it to you.


Is there anything you no longer need? Got something that others might find useful? Got tons of dyes you have no use for? Are you too full to eat all the nom noms you baked? Please drop your donations over here.

Or would like to boost your guild with a small financial Coin_Copper Coin_Silver Coin_Gold help? Deposit small amounts right here, higher amounts in Treasure Trove or mail to an officer.

Treasure Trove


Free upon request

Any guild member can request any item or currency from Trove. These items and gold are meant to help you.

Do you need 1g for an armor or weapon? Are you raiding in WvW and need blueprints? Want some rare dye to give your character new looks? No problem! Just ask an officer and you will have them!


Would you like to share some nice and valuable items with the guild? Do you want to help with reward items for events? Or would like to boost our money account with some gold Coin_Gold ? Leave it right here and it will be put to a good use!

Deep Cave


Most valuable items are here

All valuables are stored here to use as rewards during special events, or for various special occasions. Also, most of our gold Coin_Gold is stored here.


Any withdrawal requests please address to Sagittario Rey