Guild Rules

Read at least all bold text before closing this page please.

ZAP is a global and cross-server guild with an emphasis on PvE, but wide spread to WvW and PvP as well. Although we are relaxed, we have one base rule: Respect each other and do not discriminate or harass others based on their demographics or characteristics (such as religion, race, gender, etc…). However, this doesn’t mean you should impose/flaunt your beliefs onto others. This is known as “Common Courtesy” and is expected from all ZAP members. This is a game for people to enjoy and that is our base principle.

For a full list of rules, please see the following information:

  1. BE RESPECTFUL: Be courteous and respectful to other players and guild members. This also means be polite towards non-guildies including not being rude while being a member of ZAP.
  2. OFFENSIVE/INAPPROPRIATE TOPICS: Offensive or sensitive subjects should be avoided in public chats. These chat’s include, but are not limited to: Map Chat, Squad Chat, Team Chat (WvW), and especially Guild Chat. If you want to talk about these topics, take it to whisper or party chat or a different channel in TeamSpeak.
  3. LANGUAGE: No excessive swearing in guild chat. An occasional swear is fine as long as it’s not directed towards anyone in a harmful way.
    1. Take into account what you say and what form of communication. If it offends many players and you want to discuss it, take it to whispers or party chat with the person you would like to discuss it with.
    2. The use of racial slurs or the word “rape” as slang is forbidden (ex: “We raped them in that last PvP match”).
  4. TEAMSPEAK: Teamspeak (TS) is encouraged, but not mandatory for most situations.
    1. Guild missions are mandatory to listen at minimum. The guild will not wait for individuals who choose not to use TS.
    2. It is up to individual groups to use/not use TS for fractals, raids, etc…
  5. CONFLICTS BETWEEN MEMBERS: Should a conflict between members arise which cannot be solved between each other individually, please take screenshots or names of those who witnessed the situation and let an officer know via: in-game message, whisper, “Contact Us” on the guild website, or E-Mail to “”.
    The officer will either deal with it at the time of being informed of the issue, or will consult other officer(s) and the officer(s) will respond as a collective.
  6. ISSUES WITH ZAP POLICIES: Should you have an issue with a ZAP policy, please discuss it in private with an officer. Anyone who attempts to, or circumvents ZAP’s rules, can and will be kicked and/or banned at the officer’s discretion.