Happy Easter everyone!

The Easter bunny is hopping around hiding eggs for everyone to find as we speak… OH NO! Our glorious leader Sagi was doing an experiment and caused some of the bunny’s eggs to float away!

On Sunday at 12 PM EST, the rogue eggs will be flying through our guild hall and we need your help to find them in a timely fashion so Easter can be saved!

There are seven missing eggs, each will have a message posted with them. We will be handing out prizes to the first ten people that find all the eggs and combine their messages together and relay it to an officer!

We found one of the eggs already, here is what you are looking for!

WHEN: 12 PM EST on Sunday, April 16.

WHERE: ZAP Guild Hall

PRIZES: Gold and other goodies for the first ten people to find all the eggs and tell an officer the message!

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