Hey ZAPsters!

Interested in showing off your best Elonian fashions, desert wear, or cosplay of Elonian or pop culture desert characters? Want to have a chance to win gold and other prizes? Then this is the event for you!

Check out below for information about the contest!

When is it?

On Friday, September 8th, at 8 PM US Eastern Time we will be hosting an Elonian or Desert Wear fashion show contest at our fashion stage in the guild hall.


If you are unable to attend in-game, you can submit a screenshot of your costume. You will be judged alongside in-game participants and other submissions. You can submit a screenshot of your costume to this forum post:



  • Absolutely no gem store outfits! You may use an individual skin from the gem store (such as the bunny ears), but outfits like the Ghostly Outfit which are pre-designed are not allowed. If you show up with one of these outfits, you will not win any prizes.
  • Your costume must be an actual wearable costume, so no tonics!
  • There will be a panel of at least 2 judges, judges will be made up of officers from ZAP and will all have the same criteria for judging. So no bribery!
  • The judges may also ask any audience members to vote for the winners.
  • Participants may include quotes, explanations, or even performance into their presentation of their outfits! Creativity definitely earns a lot of points!

Where is it?

The contest will be held at our fashion stage in the guild hall, simply go to…

Riverside Overlook Waypoint:

Then drop down until you see this stage:


Prizes are mostly set ahead of time, but depending on the turnout for the event 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and additional runner-up prizes may be added!


  • Sun Catcher Skin (~40g value) [&AgGCqwAA]
  • + Two Black Lion Mini Vouchers  [&AgGKMgEA]
  • + TBA Amount of Unidentified Dyes (~20s each) [&AgFjTwAA]


  • One Black Lion Mini Voucher  [&AgGKMgEA]
  • + Mini Shade (~6g value)
  • + TBA Amount of Unidentified Dyes (~20s each) [&AgFjTwAA]


  • One Black Lion Mini Voucher  [&AgGKMgEA]
  • +TBA Amount of Unidentified Dyes (~20s each) [&AgFjTwAA]


So get your transmutation charges, best dyes, and let’s have a great time!