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    Hey guys/gals. My name is Dakota, Ive been playing GW2 for roughly 3 months now. Been with zap almost a month now. I currently work second shift so my playing times are a bit different due to being a supervisor i work long hours 5-6 days a week, how ever i still manage to play at lease 1-4 hours a day. i currently have 4 characters

    In Game Name: Pronounced


    Main-Kotag78 : Level 80 Ranger
    Alt- Kota Gg : Level 80 Revenant
    Alt- Kaotag : Level 21 Necromancer (still leveling him)

    i enjoy running dungeons, fractals, world bosses.
    still would like to learn raids, pvp, wvw.

    If anyone needs help or has questions feel free to message me in game.

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