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    Hey everyone!

    This month for our World Trivia event we’ll be hosting a contest where you’ll have to guess the country of origin for a set of traditional outfits. Traditional outfits carry stories, significance, and symbolism to us. We use them in festivals, religious celebrations, marriage and so on. They can be scary, beautiful, used annually or maybe once in a lifetime. Most of us know what the traditional outfits in our own cultures look like, but what about the rest of the world?

    On this post you’ll see groups of pictures, each group representing a people group in a specific country. I’ve included multiple pictures for most groups to make it a little easier for you. You have to guess the country where these traditional outfits come from and mail the answers to me, Kayla, ingame at NightRider.8492

    First three players to mail me all 10 correct answers will win gold and a minipet.

    After the event I will post the answers on this thread, including bits on interesting information on them.

    Here is an example:

    Group 0:


    The answer that you will mail to Kayla is: “Group 0: Papua New Guinea.”

    Here are the rules:

    – Guess the country where these traditional outfits can be found. You don’t have to name the outfit or the people group.
    – One point per correct answer. 10 Answers in total.
    – Mail the answers ingame to Kayla (NightRider.8492)
    – First 3 players to get all 10 questions right wins gold and a minipet.
    – Contest ends on 1 June 2017.
    – If no one gets all 10 right, the 3 players with the most correct, in order as they were mailed to me, will be selected for the prizes.

    Let’s begin!


    Group 1:



    Group 2:



    Group 3:



    Group 4:



    Group 5:



    Group 6:



    Group 7:


    Group 8:



    Group 9:




    Group 10:




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    As soon as I get the top three winners with all 10 answers correct I will announce them here, otherwise I’ll announce them on the first of June.

    The message limit for sending mails in gw has a limit but if all the answers are correct you’ll be able to get them in a single message. Feel free to send me more than one if you want to, though 😉

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    Aaaand our competition is closed! Congratulations to our winners!

    1st Prize: Lekker Bies!
    2nd Prize: Ulric!
    3rd Prize: Veronica!

    Congratulations and well done!

    As asked in the rules, if you gave me the country name, you got a point. People groups and attire or regional locations didn’t score you marks. The answers are the following:

    Question 1: New Zealand.
    The Maori people can be identified by their tattoos and their Flax Skrits. They are known for their Haka dance, often seen in Rugby.

    Question 2: Japan.
    The Japanese wear traditional garb known as Kimonos to festivals.

    Question 3: South Africa
    The Zulu tribes use animal skins and fur to display power and wealth. They fight with a spear-like weapon called assegai. Unlike the more conservative picture I’ve posted, it is culturally accepted for single women to remain bare-chested. Engaged women cover their breasts and grow their hair, while married women cover themselves completely.

    Question 4: South Korea.
    This attire is typical of a South Korean wedding. Note the shoulder piece around the lady’s neck – that is one way to identify her clothing as a bride.

    Question 5: Scotland.
    The skirts are called Scottish Kilts, and are traditionally worn to weddings, among other events.

    Question 6: China.
    The Tibetan Bon religion has an annual horse festival by their monks, who dress up in these clothes. Bon has many similarities to Buddhism but is not the same.

    For everyone who managed to guess Tibet, you are correct and deserve special mention:
    – Teltsa
    – Ulric
    – SUPER SPECIAL mentions to Shiro, Veronica, and Fluffy Wraithman who even got the prefecture correct!

    However, Tibet is not officially recognized as a country on its own, but a region of China.

    Question 7: England.
    These guys are guardsmen. The tunic buttons and badges on their collars can identify which regiment they serve.

    More info here:

    Question 8: Poland.
    This is their traditional folk dance attire. Note the striped, flared skirts on the girls and their braided hair, and the red tussels on the men’s jackets.

    Question 9: India
    The first picture is traditional clothing for a Hindu, Indian wedding. Note the intricate temporary tattoo drawings on the bride’s skin.

    Question 10: Spain.
    The last picture is traditional garb for bull fighting, which is a big sport in Spain. This bull-fighting garb can be seen in the popular “Passo Doble” dance style, where the dancers mimic bull-fighting in their moves.

    Well done, everyone. So proud of you!

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