Lost Precipice

Guild Hall Feature list, and How to help


How to help


Our Guild Hall offers free buffs, unique vendors and many community created activities!

Tavern Buffs

Pay a visit to our bartender to get one of our free buffs including Experience, Magic Find, Gathering, Karma, and PvP boosts! All of them are free, but you can only have one active at a time.


Guild Hall portal can take you for free to Lion’s Arch, PvP Lobby and our current weekly mission destinations. This unlocks you a whole new way of exploring the world as this portal can take you to far away places like Mount Maelstrom, Blazeridge Steppes or Frostgorge Sound on any character!

It also makes Guild Missions easier.

Using the Portal

Interact with the console to the left of the portal (it has a blue orb over it). Next, click on the desired tab: the first leads to Lion’s Arch and the PVP Lobby, the second tab leads to our guild mission locations for the week. Finally, select the location you wish to travel to and hit the “travel now” button.


Use our Arena to battle your friends, test your builds or just to have fun while waiting for Guild Missions. It’s free to use 24/7.

Enter with your friends and fight epic battles!



The workshop offers two services.

Firstly, the scribing station allows you to access your personal bank.

Secondly, there are gathering nodes near the workshop that give you Shimmering Crystals used to purchase unique Shimmering Weapons!

How to help

Help us upgrade the guild hall even further!

Guild Bank



Drop any materials you don’t need to the guild bank for us to use them to craft the components we need to upgrade the guild hall.


We need these materials the most:

Flax Seeds Flax Seeds

Coarse Sand Coarse Sand

Wood All kinds of wood, from green to elder

Guild Decoration Trader



Have world boss, raid, or seasonal items that you aren’t sure what to do with? Stop by and talk to Fion, our decoration trader to see if you can help us make more decorations!


We need these trophies the most:

 Shatterer Crystals

 Raid Trophies

 Chak Gerent Eyes

 Tailbone Pieces of Tequatl

 Triple Trouble Teeth

 Fragments of the Solid Ocean 

 Seasonal Items  (pumpkins, snow piles, lanterns, etc)



Talk to Fion to see how you can help the guild hall look more beautiful!

Guild Trader Menu

Just select which item you have in your inventory, and click buy. It will automatically be inserted into guild storage. It frees up your inventory space and makes the guild hall even more beautiful at the same time!