Hey ZAPsters!

Interested in showing off your best mini matching or pet matching costume? Want to have a chance to win gold and other prizes? Then this is the event for you!

Check out below for information about the contest!

When is it?

On Sunday, July 16th, at 6 PM EST we will be hosting a mini (or pet) matching fashion show contest at our new stage in the guild hall.


If you are unable to attend in-game, you can submit a screenshot of your costume. You will be judged alongside in-game participants and other submissions. You can submit a screenshot of your costume to this forum post:



  • Absolutely no gem store outfits! You may use an individual skin from the gem store (such as the bunny ears), but outfits like the Ghostly Outfit which are pre-designed are not allowed. If you show up with one of these outfits, you will not win any prizes.
  • Entries must be matched with an active mini or pet, and you are allowed to explain (if necessary) so that it is clearer to the judges scoring you. If you do not own the pet or mini and have it active, then you will not be judged for the matching!
  • Your costume must be an actual wearable costume, so no tonics!
  • There will be a panel of at least 3 judges, judges will be made up of officers from ZAP and will all have the same criteria for judging. So no bribery!


Where is it?

The contest will be held at our new fashion stage in the guild hall, simply go to Riverside Overlook Waypoint:

Then drop down until you see this stage:


So get your transmutation charges, best dyes, and let’s have a great matching time!