The Challenge

Step into the arena and face your opponents. Can you vanquish them all on your own and claim the main prize?

The Catch

Guild Wars 2 is no way near balanced for fair 1v1 duels. So every tournament will limit your skill or profession selection in ways described below.

Variant 1 – Everyone plays the same class

Everyone has to bring a certain class in order to participate. The profession of the tournament will be always different and it will be announced with least 7 days advance.

No build restrictions, no banned skills.

Variant 2 – Certain skills are forbidden

It is not allowed to use these skills:

Warrior Warrior

Healing Signet.png Healing Signet

Guardian Guardian

No limited skills

Thief Thief

Thieves Guild.png Thieves Guild

Ranger Ranger

Spirit of Nature.png Spirit of Nature

It is only allowed to bring the maximum of 2 Spirit skills.

Engineer Engineer

Supply Crate.png Supply Crate

You can only take one single Turret.

Mesmer Mesmer
Polymorph Moa.png Polymorph Moa

Necromancer Necromancer

It is not allowed to bring more than 2 Minions. (Skill Summon Bone Minions.png Summon Bone Minions counts as 2 minions.)

Elementalist Elementalist

No limited skills


1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


You can find some builds at this website