Dungeon Train

So what exactly are dungeons?

Dungeons are party-based PvE instances, each with their own story and rewards. There are currently eight regular dungeons. These dungeons have two modes: a story mode, which focuses on the story of the Destiny’s Edge group, and an explorable mode, a more difficult mode which requires more co-ordination to play through and is unlocked after completing story mode.

Each mode allows for groups of up to five players; content does not scale depending on the number of players in the party so the difficulty remains constant. The actions of the team influence what happens during a dungeon play-through. Dungeons are also influenced by dynamic events, creating unique experiences even if choosing the same path.

To help navigate the dungeon, waypoints are in place as they are around the world and are available for use should a player or party be defeated. A waypoint can be found at the start of a dungeon, with new waypoints opening upon the completion of major objectives. Additionally, dungeons retain a basic level of persistence: creatures do not respawn, and characters may join or rejoin a party in progress within a dungeon.

And what does it have to with ZAP?

We’re going to throw a party in there! Wild parties were canceled, we just kill stuff and collect loot.

From Teaching Runs to experienced Speed Clears, we run all.

Dungeons are often run spontaneously, just ask in Guild Chat you’ll most likely find a party.

Due to the laws of physics, nature and ANet, we can only take 5 members of ZAP to one dungeon run. Reserving your spot early in case of planned event is advised.

If you’re new to Dungeon then surely install TS. It plays a vital role in teaching runs.








Jumping and Puzzles

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