Hide and Seek

Can you find me?

Do you know Tyria? And do you know it very well with all its secret locations? Is one single screenshot enough for you to know where to go? Test your geographical skills in our Hide and Seek event! Can you prevail and win the reward?

Use your brain!

Use your brain! Pay attention to the smallest details. Take your time to think and remember when you have seen such fauna, flora, sky color and/or environment. Do not just randomly wander around. Don’t try to find the location, try to know where that location is.


Variant 1 – Rules

The event host is hiding somewhere in Tyria. Go find them! There is not time limit, but you have to out-race your competitors.

You will be granted a riddle – a screenshot of location of the host which will be published via Facebook and our website’s News Feed.

The first three to successfully find the host receive reward. The reward is equal for all three winners.

Afterwards the host reveals their location and move to a next spot.


Variant 2 – Rules

The event host is hiding somewhere in Tyria. After they hide, you have around 5-10 minutes to find them. The time given to find them is unique for each location and will be announced along with the riddle.

The riddle will be a screenshot of location of the host, the screenshot will be published via Facebook and our website’s News Feed.

If you successfully find them under the time limit, no matter if first, second, or the last, you score 1 point!

After the time runs out, the host reveals their location and move to a next spot where you can get another point.

After the whole Hide and Seek  event is over the reward pool is divided by the sum of all players’ points.

Whoever finds the host at least once will receive reward that increases every they find the host, but also decreases every time someone else succeeds! So better not tell anyone where you found the host!


Vekk, Jora, Pyre, Gwen and Keiran and playing Hide and Seek. There are total of 6 hiding locations for this event.

The reward pool for this event is 30 gold.

The following table shows who was successful at what location, their sums of points and how many gold they earned.

Total Points
1 2 3 4 5 6
Vekk 1 1 1 1   1 5 9,35 gold
Jora 1   1   1 1 4 7,48 gold
Pyre Fierceshot     1     1 2 3,74 gold
Gwen 1 1 1       3 5,61 gold
Keiran Thackeray   1       1 2 3,74 gold

Reward Pool: 30 gold

Total Points Accumulated: 16

Reward per Point: 1.87 gold 








Or more locations per event


The 1st three to find me

Gold per each location



Everyone who finds me under given time limit gets their share from reward pool


Test your skills! Would you find me at these locations?

Was your guess right?

Caledon Forest, Spekks’s Laboratory

Was your guess right?

Divinity’s Reach, Ossan Quarter

Was your guess right?

WvW Borderlands, Your World’s Citadel

Was your guess right?

Diessa Plateau, Town of Nolan, Anya Fairmind’s strawberry garden