The Amazing Race

(GW2 Edition)

What is it? Short-version

The Amazing race is an event where teams consisting of 2 people compete in various tasks and challenges.

Competitors will be given various riddles, tasks and challenges to overcome so they can arrive to the finish.

The race will consists of 4 different rounds, each round at different week. Whichever team arrives to the finish the last loses and leaves the game, the rest of teams continue to the next round where another one team leaves the race until the final round.




At least 1 member of the team also has to be a member of ZAP.

The other person doesn’t have to be in our guild.


Team name and Emblem

Each team needs a name, no limitations in name.

You will also need some picture. You can either send me a screenshot of you two, separately or in 1 pic. Or send any picture you’d like to represent you, no limitations here as well.

For example this picture →

What if I can’t arrive for a round?

If one member of team can’t arrive, they can be replaced for that round with any person from any guild.

However, the must always be at least one team member representing ZAP during the entire duration of the race.

The stand-in doesn’t get any reward from us by default. But they traditionally get the missing person’s reward from that particular round.

Each team is only allowed to substitute a racer two times. We will want to see your team participating at full strength for at least two rounds.

Details of the rounds

  1. Each round starts with Seeking Quest. You shall be given a picture clue, and with that picture you have to find a hidden host anywhere in the world.
  2. If you successfully find the hidden host you will be given a riddle to solve and perform whatever the riddle asks you for. That could be a jumping puzzle, mini dungeon or finding some special place, the actual task can vary.
  3. After successful fulfilling the task, you will be given a challenge, mostly something combat related.
  4. And finally the mysterious quest. Your very last quest can be absolutely anything.
  5. The first team to decipher all riddles, beat all challenges, overcomes all jumping puzzles and successfully arrives to the finish line wins a small reward and continues to the next round.
  6. The last team to arrive loses the round and leaves the whole race. Every team between can continue and compete for grand reward!


1st Place


Globs of Ectoplasm

2nd Place


Globs of Ectoplasm

3rd Place


Globs of Ectoplasm

4th Place


Mini Pets

Crack this riddle from last round, would you be up for this challenge?

The last point of our race,

Is located in a very crowded place.

Arenas with professional killers sway in the air,

And into death’s gaze do stare.


If you are too slow you’re going to fly,

Many creatures will see you falling from the sky.

You are going to find no mercy there,

And angry beasts will your body tear.


But you can also become a Queen’s knight,

Only if you defeat the witch of endless night.

Luckily for you, another is your victim:

Her sister of Light is our decided dictum.


Her tome is full of various spells,

Some creating rather annoying shells

Your partner has a lot of work too,

The targets are not one, but two.


The better of you should rather,

Go kill this gelatinous mother.

The parts of its body it often loses,

It makes from them little oozes.

When can I join the next round?

Keep an eye on the News section. We will announce every Amazing Race there.