Are you GW-erudite? Do you know who is the leader of Flame Legion? Do you know what legendary hero was the leader of Ebon Vanguard before Krytan Civil War? Do you know what is the name of Braham’s crush hijacked from Cragstead?

Yes? Excellent, you should show off you knowledge during our next Trivia event!

No? Tsk, tsk! Time to change that! Arrive to one of our Trivia events and learn something new.


The event host will be asking several questions in Guild Chat. Then you can start typing your answers in Guild Chat. You have unlimited amount of attempts and there is no time limit, but only the first person to successfully answer the question will win 1g.

After a question is answered, the host will announce the winner, send them reward, and proceed to a next question.

Please note, that correct spelling is crucial. Misspelled answer, correct or not, will never count! Don’t give your opponents who can spell words better advantage, check your grammar and spelling.

Asking uncle Google for help is totally valid and legal, but you’re losing your precious time!




Lore Knowledge


Quick Googling




Gold per question

Test your knowledge on questions from our previous event!

Read all these questions and answer 8 of your choice. If one or more are incorrect, choose a different question.

Click on a question to show the correct answer.

1. Which asuran college in Rata Sum did Scarlet Briar study?

All of them – Synergetics, Statics and Dynamics.

2. “North, South, East or West, home is the best.” is a famous phrase. But do you actually know, what are the northernmost, southernmost, easternmost and westernmost lands of Guild Wars universe?

Here is a map of the explored parts of continental Tyria.

Northernmost – Far Shiverpeaks

Southernmost – Echovald Forest, Cantha

Westernmost – Maguuma Wastes or Far Shiverpeaks

Easternmost – Vabbi, Elona

3. Who is officially the most favorite NPC in GW2?

Tybalt Leftpaw

Link to ANet’s FB post

4. There was a Canthan emperor who raised the Canthan military, spending millions in gold to arm his troops, and then swept the countryside. He defeated the Luxons and the Kurzick, incorporating these disparate people back into his nation. He unified Cantha behind a strong national identity and began to purge the lands of rebels, the sick, and any non-humans such as the tengu; it wasn't long before his embassies started to follow isolationist policies. His regime was ironclad, tyrannical, and fierce. Those Canthans who did not agree with the emperor's dictates were given no choice but to leave their homeland, seeking refuge and sanctuary in Elona and Tyria. What is this emperor’s name?

Emperor Usoku

5. The Zephyrites are a secluded, zen-like organization composed primarily of humans of Canthan or Elonian descent that live in the Zephyr Sanctum, a large flying ship roaming the skies of Tyria. Their story begins generations prior to the Rising of Orr, a certain prophet called the dwarven Brotherhood together and named them the protectors of her heritage. After the Transformation of the Dwarves in 1078 AE, this was no longer possible, and over time guardianship passed to the humans. These humans were Zehphyrites’ ancestors. But who is this prophet so important to Zephyrites?


6. Why did Arcane Council ban jumping to water beneath Rata Sum?

To prevent bookahs from polluting the water

7. How is Rytlock Brimstone’s sword called? What was the name of its original owner? What is the name the sword’s twin?

The sword’s name is Sohothin. And it’s a twin sword to Magdaer.

It was originally wielded by Prince Rurik of Ascalon.

8. What was the name of Cobiah Marinner’s sister’s doll?


9. Name 1 artifact and 1 person who played a key role in the human-charr treaty in 1024 AE.

There are plenty, but for example

Artifact: Claw of Khan-Ur

Person: Queen Jennah

10. Name 1 of the members of Captain Council or their first mate during Cobiah Marriner’s life? (Except Marriner himself)

Captain: Tarb
First Mate: Gamina

Captain: Xeres Grimjaw
First Mate: Krokar

Captain: Isaye
First Mate: Henst

Captain: Cobiah Marriner
First Mate: Sykox Steamshroud

12. Which one of Guild Missions requires players to perform emotes to proceed? What are those emotes?

Langmar’s Estate

13. Which famous musician made most of Guild Wars 2 music?

Jeremy Soule