Hey ZAPsters!

Interested in showing off your best Quaggan-themed swears, insults, or jokes? Want to have a chance to win gold and other prizes? Then this is the event for you!

Check out below for information about the contest!

When is it?

On Sunday, September 10th, at 3 PM US Eastern Time we will be hosting a Quaggan Swearing contest!


  • 17+ If I know you are under 17, I will remove you from the squad. Sorry.
  • DO NOT USE GUILD CHAT! We will create a squad to do this event in.
  • NO gross vulgarity (if it’s something under your clothes or related to it, don’t use that term or activity).
  • NO insulting actual people except the in-game Kiwi (I give you permission for the sake of this event unless it’s an actual attack on IRL me).
  • There will be a panel of at least 1 judge, judges will be made up of officers from ZAP and will all have the same criteria for judging. So no bribery!
  • The judges may also ask any audience members to vote for the winners.

Where is it?

The contest will be held in squad chat of Sky High Kiwi.2407 at the time of the event!

I will announce in guild chat around that time, then all participants must use squad chat after that.

I will also be in Teamspeak in a TBA channel, so feel free to join me there!


Prizes are mostly set ahead of time, but depending on the turnout for the event additional prizes may be added!

  • Endless Quaggan Potions
  • + Black Lion Mini Vouchers  [&AgGKMgEA]
  • + Unidentified Dyes

So get your Quaggan vibes ready and let’s have a great time!