1st step

Download and install the newest version of TeamSpeak here.

2nd step

Launch TeamSpeak and click on Connections -> Connect

3rd step

Fill in this information:

Nickname: choose a username
Password: Ask in-game or check MotD (Message of the Day) in the Guild Tab

4th step

Set up a ‘Push to talk’ button so we don’t hear you breathing. There are 2 ways to accomplish that:

  • Launch a Setup Wizard under Settings
  • Go to Settings -> Options -> Capture. Select Push-to-Talk option. Then choose a key to bind Push-to-Talk to.

5th step

Create your custom description with some information about yourself.  Remember to include you in-game name.

6th step

We don’t have many rules, but those very few we have are important.

7th step

Customize your TeamSpeak to suit you.

Short rules

(Full version here)

All people disobeying these rules or causing a harm to any other person on TeamSpeak may have their TeamSpeak access restricted for up to 1 day.

Set up a comment. Include your in-game name at least.
Set up a Push-to-Talk button or make sure your voice detection works perfectly.
Although TeamSpeak is not PG, the common courtesy rule applies to all channels.

If you are discussing a topic, and someone expresses that the topic something inappropriate, please change the topic, but don’t stress about it. They meant no harm, just change topics and move on.

Read Channel Description before Entering for the First Time.
Respect priorities of channels.

  • Mainstream & Primeflow- The main channels and lobbies of TeamSpeak. This is where you go after logging in and where the discussions flows. Feel free to do any activities here. No difference between those two, we just need two lobbies for all our members.
  • PvX channels – This is where you go after you get a group for some activity and want to talk to each other without interrupts or people talking over you.
  • Hipster Channels – The Swag district, feel free to create your own sub-channel here for any activity.

If there are too many groups of people talking over each other, consider moving to a different channel. Feel free to right click a channel and make a temporary sub-channel.
If you’re doing some PvX activity (for example tPvP) and you need to talk to each other but people come to your channel and talk over you, kindly ask them to leave.
If you (accidentally) offend someone, apologize.
If someone (accidentally) offends you, tell them kindly and forgive.
No spoilers…

Tips & Tricks


    1. Click on Bookmarks -> Add to Bookmarks
    2. Go to Bookmarks again -> Manage Bookmarks
    3. TS_guide_add_to_bookmarks
    4. Click on More
    5. Check option Connect on Startup

Text-to-Speech plugin   Install

      • Change the default “User joined your channel” to more advanced Text-To-Speech.
      • Tells you more information without being too wordy.

Project Kryptonite (Overlay alternative)   Download

      • Easy to customize

Overwolf (Official overlay)   Download

      • Official overlay program
      • Overwolf features

Alternative overlay plugin for TS   Download

    • You’ll see a list of people in your channel, currently talking are highlighted.
    • All messages sent via TS chat will be displayed in game.