The Twisted Lottery is now closed! Thanks to all that entered!

The winners are:


Ceres Oakenfold (koalabebop.8249) won 1st prize: 147.5 gold plus the Glittering Sword Skin!

Sir Peat of Islay (nemecis.8319) won 2nd prize: 62 gold!

WhoBeDis (whobedis.4819) won 3rd prize: 33.5 gold!

57 gold was raised for future ZAP events!

Your Chance to Win Big!

How it Works

  • Each lottery entry costs 5 gold, with 1 entry per account.
  • To submit your gold for your entry, deposit it within the Guild Bank.
  • Send an in-game mail to one of the lottery coordinators with your account name (GW2player.1234), and subject “Twisted Lottery”. We will be checking the bank history periodically to make sure everyone has a ticket, but in-game mail is a great way to make sure we know and have entered your name.
  • Submit your entries until the 27th.
  • Lottery winners are drawn on the last day of the month (May 31st)! The official announcement is the next week.

How to Enter:

1.)   To deposit your gold into the Guild Bank, press G and click the “Guild Hall” button in the top right corner.


2.)  By the Central Waypoint, head to the Asura with the chest icon over their head, named “Guild Initiative Representative [Guild Bank”. Talk to them.


3.)   Click “Deposit” in the bottom right corner and enter 5 gold.


4.)   Congratulations! You’re in! Send a quick mail to one of the officers listed to let them know you’ve entered your donation to ensure that your entry is added to the drawing:

Melon (Grasshopper.2591)

Kiwi (Sky High Kiwi.2407)

Pyra (darksiren.4109)

This Month’s Prizes

Winners will also be paid an extra 5g to cover the cost of their entry

The remaining 20% of funds raised will go to future guild events


Have questions?

  • Want to know more? Feeling generous and want to add gold or a special item to the prize pool? Need to check how many tickets you have purchased this month?
  • Feel free to contact any of our lottery coordinators:

Melon (Grasshopper.2591)

Kiwi (Sky High Kiwi.2407)

Pyra (darksiren.4109)